Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ancient towns of Southern Italy

I knew that Italy is full of very old ancient historic places, I have worked out of Florence for the last 9 years and have traveled extensively around the Tuscany region but I have had the opportunity to visit the Puglia region of the south and it is just chock full of old places and cathedrals and ancient castles and it is just reeking of history.  Yesterday i went to Matera and it has ancient water cisterns which are the largest in Europe apparently, plus the cathedral and a castle but i will say it was a tiny castle but maybe most of it was pulled down and the stone used to build the rest of the town. This is my 6th cathedral and probably not my last in this region, every house in towns are at least 3 hundred years old and haven't had a lick of paint since the second world war for some reason. its a pity that all these places couldn't be saved but slowly they are all falling down and the crisis is just making things even worse, anyways just wait for the next edition of which cathedral this coming weekend


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